10 family insights for a great summer chalet holiday

We often wonder what it’s like for our clients to have a summer chalet holiday in La Tzoumaz, so we decided to find out for ourselves.  Most of our visitors are not single families or groups of friends, but are three-generational families or two-family groups.  To simulate these conditions, we recruited some friends whose children […]


The Bird Whisperer

Whistle like a bird and maybe they'll call back!

My brother and his wife came to visit this week so I took them out to the Maison de la Foret to show off the beauty of our forested mountainside and explore the birds and the flowers.  I had declared we would be going for a “nice easy walk on the flat”, yet I had forgotten that the […]


To master the wild

I’ve always loved the mountains for their raw, wild beauty.  They are huge and untamed.  Majestic and un-mastered.  They seem so massive and unmoveable, but were somehow thrown up by the shifting of the Earth’s tectonic plates millions of years ago.  Now that I live in the mountains, I feel the need to step closer, […]